Here are a few of the writings that have been published in such magazines as Landscape and Irrigation, The Garden Guide, and The Tennessee Gardener.


(Lower) Low Maintenance Gardening

Tennessee Gardener
October 2017

I hear the same request from 90 percent of my clients when we first meet to discuss their landscape needs…

Six Simple Steps to a “Smart Yard”

July 2014

Not so long ago, it was considered fashionable to be “green” or environmentally aware. Now it is expected.

6 Simple Steps to a Pleasing Planting Design

6 Simple Steps to a Pleasing Planting Design

Tennessee Gardener
Nov/Dec 2010

Choosing, arranging and planting to create that well rounded, perfect garden recipe for your property.

The Evolving Garden

The Evolving Garden

Tennessee Gardener
Nov/Dec 2008

Changing the function of your landscape to make it the best it can be …

It’s Hip To Be Square

Tennessee Gardener, July/August 2008

Why curves aren’t always the answer…

Twelve Common Landscape Mistakes

University of Tennessee Extension Publication #W175, 2007

A dozen simple ways to correct common landscape mistakes before they happen…

Saving Trees and Making Money in Residential Development

University of Tennessee Extension
Publication #1766, 2006

Shade trees and development can coexist to the benefit of both property owner and builder…

From Dreams to Reality

Tennessee Greentimes, Winter 2006

Bringing landscape designs to fruition…

Garden Gallery

Tennessee Gardener, July/Aug 2006

Selecting attractive ornamentation and art will set your garden apart…

Neighboring Landscapes

Tennessee Gardener, February 2006

Creating plantings between properties can provide both privacy and beauty…

The Art of Subdividing

Tennessee Gardener, September 2003

Dividing large areas into smaller, sup-spaces will create useable rooms with an inviting human scale…

Adding a Portal to Your Garden

Tennessee Gardener, Nov/Dec 2003

Looking through garden windows…

How to Create a Water Feature

Tennessee Gardener, October 2003

Full scale garden ponds aren’t the only option should you desire to incorporate the sight and sound of water into your landscape…

Dream, Plan, Do.

Tennessee Gardener, Nov/Dec 2002

Creativity in the landscape begins with a great design…

Burning Embers

Tennessee Gardener, October 2002

Adding the element of fire to a garden will create a glow in which to gather…

Just Add Water

Tennessee Gardener, July/Aug 2002

Water features bring life to any landscape…

Knock Knock

Tennessee Gardener, Nov/Dec 2001

The importance of an inviting entry cannot be overstated…

Moving About – The Art of Circulation Design

TNLA, March 2000

Functional pathways are key to a great garden experience…

Beat the Clock

Landscape & Irrigation, June 1999

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. It’s how you prioritize and use them that matter most…

Beyond the Bushes

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

Without plants, gardens are not really gardens. Without structures, gardens are just groups of plants. Together, they create beauty and enjoyment…

Mow Less and Enjoy More

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

Life is too short to spend it on or behind a mower. Rethinking how you manage your property can bring benefits to both you and the environment…

Just Add Water

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

No garden is complete without water…

Get Out of the Dark

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

Lighting is seldom considered in landscape design but the benefits are surely worth the investment…

The World of Alternative Shrubs

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

Get out of your plant rut. Go on a horticultural scavenger hunt and seek out the unusual…

Give Me a Real Tree

The Trellis, Vol. 1 1998

There are trees, and there are real trees…

Rock the Landscape

Landscape & Nursery Digest, Dec 1997

Boulders are nature’s architecture. They can add beauty and they don’t require watering!

Get Out of the Dark

Garden Guide, 1996

Low voltage lighting can add $ to your property value…

First Impressions: The Residential Entrance

Landscape Design, Nov/Dec 1994

Your entry is the first and last thing your guests may experience. Some good planning and design will allow this encounter to be a good one…

The Mind of Design: A Creative Approach

Southern Landscape Architecture,
March/April 1990

Be quiet, be still, be creative…