Beyond Beauty

Landscape design is sometimes about what to remove rather than what to add. In East Tennessee we are extremely fortunate to have at our fingertips an abundant array of native species that do an amazing job at providing us with a true sense of place or Genius Loci.

As a registered and experienced landscape architect I recognize that there are those clients who desire to have a “beautiful” yard and property above all else. I have created hundreds of master plans that have had this goal as the main focus. If someone contacts me and requests a beautiful design I can certainly accommodate. But we also need to think beyond beauty and consider such factors as sustainability, habitat fragmentation, and the health requirements of both people and our planet.

Incorporating such elements as pervious paving, bioswales, rain gardens, and native planting design make it possible to develop a property which is both sensitive to our environment and a beneficial piece of the regional landscape puzzle. If you are in need of a consultation or master plan with sustainable design principles as the main goal please contact Garry Menendez Landscape Architecture at your convenience.